Just In Time manufacture and supply

We operate to a JIT philosophy wherever possible and adopt lean techniques in manufacturing and distribution

Fast Fit Clip System

The company’s unique Fast Fit Clip system enables doorsets to be installed in less that 20 minutes and is Certified up to FD60

Installation Service

Hi Spec Doorsets is developing a national network of installation partners that are factory trained and approved to install our doorsets and screens. We can introduce local partners on request and will liaise closely with them throughout the process to ensure a hassle free installation

Labelling and product identification

Our labelling service enables the client to configure some of the information that appears on the product label  –  this can be Customer Product Code, Site Location Details, Plot Lotting Data.

Training and technical support

Technical and Installation training can be offered either at our factory or on- site to ensure optimal use of our products.

Supply Chain Integration

We work closely with our customers and suppliers to optimise product configuration and supply in order to minimise waste, improve efficiency, and guarantee compliance.

Joinery components

Hi Spec Doorsets can offer other joinery items to complement our doorsets and screens.

Bespoke Product Development

The team’s significant experience in compliance matters and manufacturing and installation techniques is at customers disposal to provide tailored solutions to specific circumstances